Happy New Year from the team at Lyons Financial Services

Happy New Year to you, we really hope that 2021 is very good to you.


As we look forward to the year ahead, our expectation is that this will be a year of two parts. The next few months look like they will continue to be very difficult as our country tries to get back on top of the pandemic. We're all facing a few more weeks at least of the current lockdown, which is causing a lot of challenges for so many people. However this lockdown is different to the previous ones, as we see the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine gathering pace. This will hopefully herald the second part of this year - a much brighter future where life will get back to some form of normality. 


One aspect of life that won't change is the excellent service that you can expect from the Lyons Financial Services team. We adapted fully during 2020 to our new ways of working, and will continue to meet all of your needs either from our office or remotely as appropriate. Whether you are renewing your health insurance, looking to get a better deal on your mortgage or wish to avail of our wide range of insurance, investment and pension solutions, the team are ready and available to help you. Please just contact us at 01 8015808 or email query@lyonsfinancial.ie and a member of our team will be delighted to help. In any event, we look forward to sending you our regular Lyons Insights newsletter, to give you useful tips and ideas to save money and to make the most of your finances. 


Our main hope for this year is that you and your families all stay healthy. Please continue to follow the health guidelines so that we can all help each other to avoid becoming ill. 


Finally we'd like to express our deep gratitude to those of our clients who are playing such important roles in frontline and essential services.


Best wishes

The Lyons Financial Services team