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* Welcome to Lyons Insights
* Minor Injury Clinic
* The great new wealth extraction opportunity for business owners
* What can we learn from the past decade?
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Welcome to Lyons Insights

Welcome to this latest edition of Lyons Insights.


In this issue, we first of all bring to your attention the access that Irish Life Health members have to a network of Minor Injury Clinics. This is followed by a piece that explains a significant opportunity that now exists for business owners to extract wealth tax efficiently from profitable businesses. Finally we take a look back over the last decade and consider some of the financial lessons that we can all learn from our experiences over these years. 


We hope there is something of interest to you.


Roisin & the team at Lyons Financial Services


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Expert Articles
Minor Injury Clinic

Minor injury clinics give rapid access to efficient and convenient treatment and advice on minor injuries. These include sports injuries such as fractures and dislocations, and illnesses such as fever and infection. Irish Life Health offers a contribution towards the costs of attending one of our approved Minor Injury Clinics, depending on your plan. Our approved network of walk-in clinics covers up to 20 locations nationwide.

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The great new wealth extraction opportunity for business owners

Apart from the volatility in investment markets and everything else going on in the economy and the world in general, 2022 was also a tumultuous year in the world of pensions for business owners.


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What can we learn from the past decade?

Do you remember 2013? It sounds quite recent, but then when you think about the major events that happened that year, they seem so long ago. 

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